Learn more from Events & Conferences – A Contract

15 Jul , 2017  

The latest resource to support the Learn2Learn app. This one page ‘contract’ is designed to capture key takeaways, commitments and support after an event or conference.


Download the one page plan here.


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  1. Bill Baugh says:

    Great resource — thanks for sharing this, Arun.

    A few thoughts…

    I definitely see the value of this as a post-event “keep this stuff alive” type of document. It has me thinking about how to get the most out of this. For me, I think I also need to spend some time thinking/planning before the event as well to get the most out of this.

    Questions I might ask myself prior to a conference based on this tool might include:
    – why am I really going to this conference? what’s my goal/s?
    – what sorts of ideas do I want to explore? assumptions to challenge?
    – what knowledge gaps do I have that need to be addressed?
    – who’s paying for my conference participation and what might they like to hear when I get back?
    – who should I be networking with (inside and outside of my industry)?
    – what vendor tools do I need to explore and learn more about?
    – what experience/skills do I have that I might be able to share with others?

    I’d be in much better shape to complete this template afterwards if I spent the time beforehand doing this self-questioning exercise. In fact, I wonder if there could be a before-conference version of this to complement this after-conference reflection.

    Thanks for getting my gears turning prior to my upcoming conference!

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