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The Creativity Hack From Dali & Edison

11 Sep , 2016  


What simple technique did both Salvador Dali and Thomas Edison use to boost their creativity? The good news is you can do it as well, all you need is a few marbles or a key. The answer is sleep, but it’s a little more complicated. Edison would sit upright in his chair with a hand full of […]

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Don’t Believe What You See

11 Sep , 2016   Video

If you’re not one of the 20 million or so people who have taken the ‘Awareness Test’, it’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time… As you can see, you can’t always trust your brain. It doesn’t give us an accurate image of what’s out in the world… it can’t really. There’s so much information pouring in […]

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Use the Zeigarnik Effect

11 Sep , 2016  


Our story begins in an Austrian café. It was in that café that Bluma Zeigarnik, a young Lithuanian psychology student, met with her professor. And it was there that one of them noticed something unusual about the waiters. These waiters memorised their customers’ orders rather than writing them down. The funny thing was that the waiters forgot the orders as […]