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How Willpower Sucks Your Brain

11 Sep , 2016  


In 1996 a simple experiment using chocolate & radishes created a new understanding about willpower. Roy Baumeister and his colleagues gave participants a plate full of chocolate and radishes. They were then split into three groups, each with different instructions: Group one were told to eat radishes only Group two were told to eat chocolate only Group three were told to […]

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Use the Zeigarnik Effect

11 Sep , 2016  


Our story begins in an Austrian café. It was in that café that Bluma Zeigarnik, a young Lithuanian psychology student, met with her professor. And it was there that one of them noticed something unusual about the waiters. These waiters memorised their customers’ orders rather than writing them down. The funny thing was that the waiters forgot the orders as […]

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The Neuroscience of Metaphors is like an Octopus

11 Sep , 2016  


Every time we focus our attention we’re making choices about how we fill our relatively limited working memory. Latest research indicates that there are about 4 chunks within our working memory that are filled and lost quickly, but before they slip away there’s a chance for them to integrate into our long term memory. There are a […]


Evidence Based Learning

The Surprising Secret Behind Your Learning Style

10 Sep , 2016   Video


What’s your learning style?  Perhaps it’s based on your senses (auditory, tactile, visual); or how you engage with content (hands on, conceptual or reflective); or even how you relate to others (collaborative, competitive). It’s a hard choice, especially since according to one comprehensive study there are over 71 learning styles from a range of different models. The good news is that […]